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Live life like never before with A-LIST. Our VIP ONLY CLUB memberships offer the ultimate in luxury, from premium home, automobile, and business management services to private travel services with exclusive VIP access to multiple cities. Enjoy personalized service from our team of experts as you immerse yourself in the ultimate life experience. With A-LIST, you only experience the very best that the World has to offer.


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A-LIST began as a student support organization in Texas, in 2007, before emerging as an independent travel event promotion company in 2013. After becoming increasingly tasked with scheduling private luxury travel accommodations, and concierge services, with Las Vegas as a destination, the company began operating as VIP ONLY CLUB in 2014. As the experience, over time, in travel planning and concierge services became easier, the foundation was set for evolution into a luxury travel planning company.


James Houston II is a California Native who turned a trip to see The Best Ever boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather dominate Saul “Canelo” Alvarez into the Premier Choice for VIP Treatment, in the form of A-LIST. James is an alumnus of Grambling State University, where he studied Chemistry and embarked upon a 7 year social research campaign ahead of laying the foundation of A-LIST as a student organization on the campus of Texas Southern University, with operations on the campuses of University of Houston, Sam Houston State University, University of Texas-Austin, Prairie View A&M, Texas State University, University of Texas-San Antonio, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas A&M-College Station, Louisiana Tech University, and Louisiana State University.

After completion of his University matriculation, James would study to become a Financial Services Professional and in the interim, learn the art of sales by selling Signage Printing services, Home Solar Energy Systems, Commercial Energy Services, Adult Entertainment, Nightlife and Personal Concierge Services. Upon moving to Las Vegas, VIP ONLY ClUB was established as a Sports & Entertainment Ticketing company, leading the way for the establishment of A-LIST

James currently serves as A-LIST Board of Directors Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Treasurer.

As the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic clamped down on the travel industry, a new era was kicked off in 2021, as A-LIST was established in Phoenix, Arizona.


A-LIST exists to help busy professionals plan seamless, discreet, private, flawless, and memorable life experiences. We pride ourselves in helping you live your life, without having to worry about missing out or forgetting important details. We look to grow with shifts and changes to the types of lifestyle experiences the world desires.


When our VIP ONLY CLUB Members want the best we give them exactly that. Whether hiring a maid, setting flight arrangements, purchasing a luxurious new home or investing in a commercial development, A-LIST provides the best available solution.

Tailor-made Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home, travel to a far-off destination, restore a classic vehicle, or hire & train new employees, we have you covered. Simply choose the product that best fits your lifestyle needs. If you’re read to become a member fill out a Membership Request below. You decide how you want to live, and we’ll help you figure out the rest. We work directly with you to provide the best VIP lifestyle experiences from now, on.

A-LIST On-Demand

Anything you want, or need, wherever you are, A-LIST will always answer the call! Get your desires fulfilled right away! All requests are tailored to fit your schedule and urgency of need. VIP services and experiences are subject to availabilty.
Prioritizing Your Satisfaction
While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our services, or membership related concerns, get in touch! We’re here to lifestyle more intelligent.

We have partnered with the best vendors to provide solutions for individuals, groups, and businesses desiring privacy and/or exclusivity throughout the duration of their travels. With your A-LIST VIP ONLY CLUB membership, you are guaranteed access to the best life experiences.

A-LIST HOME services give you the solution to anything revolving around your home, family, and personal desires.

A-LIST gives members access to the best available hotel or cruise line, food, activities and transportation for their selected destination.
For aviation travel solutions, One-Way or Round-trip, fully staffed and catered Private Jet Charters are available


All members receive around the clock access to 24-hour Home, Travel, Auto & Business Solutions and on-demand Concierge Services

A-LIST Membership gives you VIP access to Theme Parks around the country including: Disney, Universal, Six Flags and SeaWorld including Partner Resort stays, Chauffeured VIP park entry, priority line skipping, and behind the scenes tours.

Members are always free to take a look at our Private Timepiece Collection with new, classic and rare pieces from Rolex, Audemars-Piguot, Patek Phillipe, Hublot, Richard Mille, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jacob, and more.

With an A-LIST Membership, you can take a flight, on a whim or as scheduled. Jets are ready for with a minimum of 4 hours notice. Our Private Jet Fleet is available to fly to/from the nearest active airport.

An A-LIST VIP ONLY CLUB Membership makes life easier. Our global travel VIP experiences will give you the best and safest way to enjoy any city. Luxurious accommodations, chauffeurs, guided tours, and personal chefs, and whatever you need to make your travels seamless are available on-demand.

If you’re looking to invest in Real Estate, Stock Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Debt Instruments, Derivatives, Jewery, Rare-Classic Automobiles, Coins, Fine Art, Collectibles or anything else of value, our members are given the chance to bolster or liquidate their portfolios though private asset transfers.

As an A-LIST Member, you will gain full access to our Private Firearms and Safe Collection.a private selection of Firearms for personal, home or business protection, sport or hobby.

A-LIST Memberships come with the opportunity to take outdoors excursions to heed the call of the wild year-round. Enjoy the great outdoors Camp, Ski, Surf, Hike, Bike, Hunt, Fish and more

Yachting is available throughout the year for A-LIST Members looking for Sea Bound travel. Sail the high seas aboard their choice within our Private Sea Vessel Fleet.

A-LIST Members looking to buy, lease or sell Classic, Luxury, Exotic and New Automobiles are encouraged to visit the A-LIST C.L.E.A.N. Automotive Garage.

A-LIST Membership allows the busy professional to manage their home, family and personal lifestyle in real time, whether at home or away on business.

A-LIST Membership includes Business Management solutions for corporate executives and small business owners. A-LIST BUSINESS SOLUTIONS delegate the most timely, and painstaking tasks to professionals with a proven record of success in those fields.

A-LIST ensures your busy life, runs as seamless as possible, by giving you access to the best the world has to offer, on demand.