The Library

Welcome to the A-LIST LIBRARY!

Here, in the Library, we will get you started on your journey to an easier, more seamless lifestyle built with time and energy conservation in mind. As a member of A-LIST you get access to an array of services and products that generally take time, effort and extensive research to find quality vendors. We did the research, took the time and are able to save you the time and effort of the painful and outdated DIY lifestyle and give you time to focus on your personal well-being, family, home, assets and hobbies.


All members gain access to:

A-LIST’s Private Jet, Automobile & Sea Vessel Fleet

Available on demand, based on availablity.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Usage fees apply, depending on term of use

Based upon availability

A-LIST’s Private C.L.E.A.N. Automobile Garage

Access our fleet of Classic, Luxury, Exotic and New Automobiles

Rent Daily

Lease Monthly | Annually

Purchase a vehicle from a private seller

Sell your vehicle to a private buyer

Private storage available for any type of vehicle

Discreet Vehicle Transport available

A-LIST’s Global Investments

Acquire, Manage or Liquidate Private Assets

Purchase Commodity Delivery Contracts from Private Holders

Purchase Equity Certificates from Private Sellers

Raise Private Equity Funding

Buy, Sell, Swap Real Estate

Trade Art, Collectibles, Coins, and Jewelry in a private market

Buy & Sell assets in a private marketplace

A-LIST’s Home Solutions

Home Management Services

Grocery & Personal Shopping

Private Chef & Catering Private Chauffeur


Private Security Personnel & Systems

Construction, Remodel and Upgrade

Pre-natal, Birthing & Post Natal Services

Academic Support & Tutoring

Fitness & Athletic Training

Lifestyle Services

Home Logistics & Relocation Services

Financial & Insurance Solutions

A-LIST’s Automotive Solutions

Mobile Detailing

Mobile Mechanic

Automotive Customization, Repair & Performance

Audio/Visual Solutions

Roadside Assistance

Insurance Solutions

A-LIST’s Business Solutions

Business Management

Finance & Accounting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Human Resources


Sales & Marketing

Procurement & Delivery


Employee Management & Training

Commercial Real Estate

Relocation & Storage

A-LIST’s Travel Solutions

Discreet travel planning & logistics

Luxury Accommodations

Chauffeur & Rental Vehicles

Restaurant Catering & Dining

Private Local Chefs

Guided VIP Tours & Excursions

Entertainment & Sporting Event VIP Experiences

24-hour Concierge

Lifestyle Coach

Executive Protection

Chauffeur Service



Personal Concierge


Gold Membership
Annual Membership
One (1) Service
24-Hour Concierge
Ruby Membership
5-Year Membership
Two (2) Services
24-Hour Concierge
Black Diamond Membership
Lifetime Membership
All Services
24-Hour Concierge

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